Quality is our key priority. It is backed up by the following certificates:

  • Quality management system according to ISO 9001/2015
  • Environmental management system according to ISO 14001/2015
  • Health and safety management system according to ISO 18001/2007
  • HACCP certificate
  • TAPA – challenge for future

Our services

  • Trucking and transportation throughout Europe
  • GPS/GPRS-based communication with vehicles
  • Experience and skills in all aspects of trucking and transportation
  • We transport standard dry as well as frigo cargoes
  • Special truck carrier
  • Vehco fleet management system
  • KPI monitoring (loading/unloading, timing and communication)
  • The same team of drivers serves the same client

Company's highlights

  • The company was founded in October 2006
  • The company specializes in trucking
  • The very first truck on the roads in May 2007
  • Headquarters is located in Žiar nad Hronom, Slovakia
  • Service centre in Hamburg
  • GPS monitoring and communication
  • The company is committed to social responsibility
  • We employ skilled and experienced, German and/or English speaking, ADR licensed drivers
  • Our trucks are equipped with toll on-board units, credit cards and fuelling cards
  • Road freight transportation (quick, flexible and environmentally friendly)
  • Our trucks operated by experienced drivers are also suitable for Scandinavian winter conditions

Health and safety at work

Our motto is "Safety first!"

Our drivers are required to complete the following trainings:

  • Regular trainings in protection of environment, health and safety at work in compliance with Direction (EC) No. 561/2006
  • Trainings in how to drive on icy roads
  • Trainings in use and wearing of PPE


Our company is committed not only to protect its employees at their work, but also to protect the environment. This approach is evident from our environment-friendly trucks. Our fleet, therefore, consists of EURO V trucks or higher. In addition, we have established a program for reducing CO2 emissions.

Our drivers receive eco-driving trainings, that means the energy efficient use of vehicles.

Corporate social responsibility

Our company is committed to strict compliance with ethical rules. All employees have been made familiar with them and received the “Ethics Manual”.

Each employee is regularly interviewed with their superiors about working conditions.

We regularly undertake an annual survey of both the employee satisfaction and the customer satisfaction.



Bring Trucking a.s. has taken out the following policies to insure its business activities:

  • Compulsory liability insurance for damage caused by motor vehicle
  • Motor hull insurance
  • Carriers legal liability insurance
  • Insurance of cabotage operations performed in the territory of Germany
  • Occupational liability insurance
  • Travel insurance for business trips
  • Third party liability insurance for damage caused by personal or legal entity
  • Liability insurance for environmental damage

Service centre HUB DE - Seevetal

In 2011 we opened a multifunctional facility whose role and function is to ensure the smooth and safe running of the trucking company in several respects:

  • good technical condition of company´s fleet vehicles and their proper equipment
  • preventive and regular servicing of fleet vehicles
  • providing necessary spare parts and vehicle equipments