Bring trucking a.s.

  • always is in search of responsible, independent, communicative and flexible drivers with a positive attitude towards the assigned vehicle and its equipment
  • offers a stable and long-term job, well paid including benefits
  • provides transport of drivers to the working site and back to the company site in Slovakia

Driver requirements

  • driving a truck in rotating periods
  • experienced in international trucking transportation

Documents necessary to conclude an employment contract

  • certificate of health examination according applicable law
  • verification of the professional driver qualification (driving school card)
  • psychotest results
  • basic ADR
  • driving licence
  • identity card (or passport for applicants from abroad)
  • Slovak health insurance card
  • European health insurance card
  • holder of a driver´s digital card
  • holder of an ADR certificate, excluding tank trucks
  • written command of English or German language in the field of transportation
  • driver´s digital tachograph card
  • liability insurance for damage caused to the employer
  • bank account number and other bank account details, IBAN, SWIFT code, bank name and address

Online employment application form

Pernament address


Required accession to work

Language skills

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